Fionn MacCool’s – Mississauga

A couple of Fridays ago we were coming home from a day out at WLU Brantford’s open house.  It was about two o’clock and we were starving as we hadn’t eaten all day.  There was nothing to eat in Brantford.

So we exited off the QEW and made a stop at the Southdown plaza, intending to grab a bite at Turtle Jacks.  As we entered the plaza we noticed Fionn MacCool’s was occupying the spot where a seafood restaurant once was.  Since we were starving, we wanted something hearty such as shepherd’s pie.  So we decided to check into Fionn MacCool’s.

Since it was only about 2pm, the pub was basically empty except for a couple of older gentlemen enjoying a late lunch or just a beer or ale.

The place was just your typical pub, but it looked classy and clean.  It had more of a restaurant feel rather than a pub feel.  We were seated immediately at the bar area near the window.  It was cold by the window.

We ordered from the lunch menu – Shepherds Pie for me.

Guiness Steak and Mushroom Crock for my daughter.

Both dishes basically looked the same – meat with mashed potatoes plopped on top.  Except the shepherds pie had ground meat and the Guiness steak crock had chunks of beef.  Both had a side of carrots and zucchini.

They were both fine but nothing exceptional.  The shepherds pie was just a light layer of meat with clump of potato.  The steak crock had a bit more flavour because of the beer added in.  The meals were acceptable for our hungry stomachs.  I did find a hair in my shepherds pie though…

I think the lunch menus are great and I would rather eat out at lunch time just because the lunch menu offerings are much more affordable.  Service was good (it can’t be bad because there weren’t many customers).  The food was safe.  There was nothing bad about it.   Yes, I would try Fionn MacCool’s again for something quick and simple.

Address:  Fionn MacCools – 970 Southdown Rd,  Mississauga, ON


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