Omelettes – Different Ways To Whip Up Omelettes

My daughter has been on an omelette binge lately.  So every time she experiments and uses me as her human guinea pig, I’m going to post up her recipe in this thread.  Here is her latest concoction:

Omelette Number 1



2 Octoberwurst sausage

Some chopped onion


Sliced Mushrooms

Diced Red Pepper

One Plum Tomato (quartered)

2 tablespoons Tomato Sauce

4 eggs (beaten)

Bit of Milk

Salt & Pepper

Saute everything except eggs, tomato sauce, milk salt and pepper, tomatoes.

Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper

Add egg mixture to sauteed mixture

Once the omelet starts looking done, add tomato sauce

Continue to let cook for a bit.

Fold omelette and place onto plate.  Fry quartered tomatoes a bit and place on plate as garnish




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