Holy Smokez BBQ Sandwiches

I’m pretty sure Holy Smokez only opened up recently.  I just noticed it a couple of days ago while driving home from work.

Holy Smokez BBQ Sandwiches is just a local little joint in the plaza on Dundas St. E and Stanfield.  Its run by a dad, a daughter, and I’m sure the mom was there.  The father seemed especially down to earth.

They have a small menu specializing in pulled pork, beef brisket pulled chicken and cheese steak smoked sandwiches.  The meats are smokes right on their premises.  They have some sides as well such as cole slaw and potato salad.

We decided to order the beef brisket sandwich and pulled chicken sandwich with the two sides.  We didn’t eat in because there were just a few stools around the window.

The sides were really inexpensive at $0.99, so don’t expect to receive a lot.  I ate the sides first because they took up a small space on the plate and I didn’t want the sauce to run into the sandwiches.  I am going to guess the coleslaw is not homemade.  My daughter said it looked and tasted like the coleslaw sold at the grocery store.  I am not sure if the potato salad is homemade either.  It was good though.  If its a commercial brand potato salad, I definitely think it tastes better than whats sold at the grocery store.  If I am wrong about this, someone please correct me!

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

There was a good portion of meat in the sandwich.  The chicken had a good, smoked flavoury taste with just the right amount of zing.  It was white meat so the meat was a little on the dried side (and I guess thats the definition of smoked bbq, lol).  There was some bbq sauce and we added onions and mushrooms at an additional cost.  I think next time, I would ask for extra bbq sauce just to balance out the dryness of the chicken.

Beef Brisket Sandwich

This also came with a good portion of meat.  Again, I think the meat was a little too dry, but then again, this is what smoked bbq is supposed to be.  The beef brisket had a subtle smoked flavour.  A good balance for those who want smoked bbq, and others who want their bbq a little more tame.

The buns they used were just okay, I think maybe kaiser buns would be better (harder crust). My daughter suggests those sweet breads that West Indians serve?

My daughter preferred the beef brisket over the chicken, whereas I preferred the chicken over the beef brisket, even though the chicken was drier.

For two sandwiches and two sides plus tax, we paid about $21.99.  I think they are a little expensive.  I think Blue Sage Barbecue comes out on top for flavour, quality and price.

Address:  Holy Smokez – 1133 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just went there today. I agree that the food was good but too expensive. Adding a few (pre)grilled onions was $0.50, (pre)sauted mushrooms $0.75, and a thin processed sliced of cheese $1.00. This made the sandwich alone cost more than $10. The bun is a major issue here, I think. It’s like a bigger version of an ordinary hamburger bun. A toasted Kaiser would have worked much better. Toasted because by my last few bites the bun turned into play-do. Also, if you’re going to charge $1 for cheese have a selection of REAL cheese slices. Unfortunately, because of these factors I will not be going back even though it is a 15 minute walk from my house.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ya this place just a bit expensive for what you get. Would drive the extra 20minutes to Paul & Sandy’s real BBQ.

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