Blue Sage Barbecue – Mississauga

We FINALLY ate at Blue Sage Barbecue and it was very worthwhile!  Its an authentic down home southern BBQ eatery right in the heart of Mississauga – a very rare method of cooking in these neck of the woods.

Blue Sage Barbecue is located in an inconspicuous plaza at the corner of Eglinton and Tomken.  Even though there is a sign on the plaza billboard, we almost missed it.

We were the only customers at 5pm tonight, but the owner welcomed us immediately.  Blue Sage is operated by a son and father team.   We instantly felt a connection to the place as soon as the owner said Serbian!  (Even though we aren’t Serbian, we have a connection to that part of the world).  We immediately knew he knew his meats. The owner is very knowledgeable and passionate about BBQ and the quality of the meats he offers to his customers.

We took him up on his suggestion and ordered the Champion Platter, consisting of three different bbq’d meats and 2 sides – ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket for the meats, and baked beans and corn bread for the sides.

The spare ribs were marinated in a dry rub consisting of a combination of spices.  I thought there was mustard in the marinade (TASTED SO GOOD) but I was wrong!  I hope he wasn’t offended! Even though a side of home made bbq sauce was offered, I preferred to eat the ribs just as is – savouring in the natural flavours of the slowcooked meat and the tasty blend of spices.  The owner does not boil the ribs first as that will contribute towards the loss of flavour from the meat.  (BINGO – I never boil my ribs either – so I have been doing something right!)

Mouthwatering Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork!

The pulled pork was moist and tender and full of flavour – this one had the mustard blend in the marinade.  We received a huge heaping of the pulled pork on our platter.  Just this alone was enough to fill us up.  I dabbed some bbq sauce on the pork and this was also delicious.  But again, I enjoyed the meat dish just as it was.

The beef brisket was slowcooked (smoked?) for over 18 hours to make this cut of meat tender and to soak in the flavours of the spices.  I enjoyed the bit of fat that contributed to the tenderness of the brisket.

The baked beans were prepared 24 hours in advance, soaking in flavours and sauces and spices – and this side dish is definitely a winner.  My daughter loved it.

BBQ sauce was offered as a condiment rather than having the meat drenched in the sauce.  The owner believes in enjoying the natural flavours of the meats and smokiness of the method of cooking, and just using the bbq sauce as an enhancement.  And I totally agree with him – the meats were slowly cooked with a lot of care and it would definitely be a shame to hide the effort in sauces.

On my next visit, I am targeting the Moo Burger!

Blue Sage Barbecue is one restaurant where the owners DO care about their food.  Thanks for the great food and insightful education on true BBQ!

Address:  Blue Sage Barbecue – 980 Eglinton Avenue East, Mississauga, ON


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