Indian Cuisine By The Lake

For the first time, I discovered a gem of a place, Indian Cuisine By The Lake.  This is how it came about.

I was actually searching for a particular shawarma eatery in Mississauga.  Their website indicated a location on Lakeshore, Port Credit area.  But as we reached the Port Credit destination, we could not find the restaurant we were looking for.  In its place was a new little Indian restaurant – Indian Cuisine By The Lake.  We decided to pop in and give it a try.

The owner of the restaurant told us they have only been opened for six weeks.  It seems to be doing extremely well for a newly opened restaurant.

They have a regular menu, but we decided to try the buffet for $14.99.  The buffet wasn’t too large, but it did have all the popular dishes – tandoori chicken, butter chicken, basmati rice, samosas, goat curry, plus other selections of other tasty choices.

I had a bad cold so I couldn’t eat too much.  I selected the tandoori chicken, butter chicken, goat curry, and rice.  Freshly made naan was brought to our table.  The food was extremely tasty and delicious.  Everything had a nice flavour to it.  The tandoori chicken was soft and fresh, and had just the right amount of heat.  The goat curry was tender and blended well when mixed with the rice.  The naan was to die for.

I did not eat from their salad bar, but my sister and my daughter did.  I have to be honest that despite the deliciousness of their buffet, the lettuce in the salad bar had bugs in it.

I also have to be honest and mention that I saw one of the workers refill one of the buffet trays with his hands.  He grabbed the bread (flat cracker type bread) from the back and transported it to the front with his hands.  It made me a bit uneasy to witness this.

If you are able to overlook these two unsanitary incidents, and maybe just go there for the hot food, you won’t be disappointed.  The food was very flavourful, and the owner and waitress are really nice.

The place is quite small and the tables fill up quickly.  Alot of the customers are take out customers.

(Pictures coming soon)

Address:  Indian Cuisine By The Lake – 56A Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review I’m looking forward to eating there one day! Regarding the hand incident in many kitchens hands directly will touch the food you eat. If the hands are clean it’s fine, I wouldn’t chalk it up to an unsanitary incident unless it’s disgusting in the back.

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