Walkers Fish Market – Mississauga

We decided to give Walkers Fish Market a try on the weekend.  We’ve driven by this restaurant a number of times, but was never too sure about it.  I did some research about Walkers before we went for dinner.  They have about four other locations in the Peel Region – Burlington, Milton, and two in Mississauga.  We went to the location on Dundas West near Glen Erin.

Everytime we drove by this area, Walkers always looked kind of quiet.  This time was no exception – we arrived at the restaurant just before 6:00 pm.  I will excuse the lack of customers this time because of the Victoria Day Weekend.  There was an occupied table in the outdoor patio area.  There were no other customers inside the establishment.  We were basically their first customers inside.  As we left an hour later, about two more customers arrived.

The design of the restaurant was quite nice – it had a nautical feel to it – alot of brightness due to the shuttered windows around the building.  The tables were wood and the booths and chairs were a creamy white – a nice, airy ambience.  The table settings made it look elegant and almost upscale.  I wouldn’t label this restaurant as upscale though – it was very nice, but I would say the price point is on par with Red Lobster.

We decided to try a variety of items off the menu.  My daughter wasn’t too hungry so she chose some appetizers to make up her dinner.  To Start:  Cup of Nova Scotia Clam Chowder for myself, Escargots and Mushrooms for both of us to share.  Main Course:   Grilled Rainbow Trout for myself, Bowl of Nova Scotia Clam Chowder and Blue Crab Shrimp Cakes for my daughter.

The waitress brought us bread to start.  Not a very good first impression – the whipped butter was hard as rock.  It looked like it was melted and then re-refrigerated.  It was tough to spread on the bread.  The bread/small rolls were warm… and chewy like rubber.  The funny thing was later after our meal we stopped off at Loblaws to pick up some groceries.  As we were leaving the grocery store, my daughter noticed a bag of bread near the exit – they were the exact same bread served at Walkers – $3.99 a bag!  Now we know where Walkers buys their bread.  LOL!

Shortly our Cup of Clam Chowder and Escargot and Mushrooms arrived.

The clam chowder was decent, bordering on safe.  There was a good amount of clam bits in the chowder.  It was a good consistency.  The cup serving was a very decent size.  My daughter’s bowl serving of clam chowder that she ordered as part of her main course was a generous size.  I thought the chowder was decent.  My daughter complained of sand or grit in her chowder.  The best clam chowder we’ve ever had was in Chicago which has spoiled us as this is the standard we compare clam chowder to now and every one since has failed.

The Escargots and Mushrooms was very bland and almost inedible.  I can tell this item was premade or frozen and they only warmed it up in their large oven.  The escargot had no flavour.  The whole dish looked unappealing and had no flavour.  There was one mushroom cut up in quarters and melted cheese garnished the whole bowl.

While we were still eating our starters, our main courses came!  Wow, that was quick, our table was filled with plates and dishes.  The waitress remarked that these items were prepared quicker than she anticipated… :S

Blue Crab Shrimp Cakes – Three small rounds displayed on a long platter and drizzled with an orange mayonnaise based sauce.  There was a bit of salsa and guacamole placed on the edges of the plate.  The crab cake flavour wasn’t bad – very safe… but also not hot in the centre.  This item too must’ve been prepared ahead of time or was frozen.   I smothered some of the mayo on it and dipped it in the guacamole – I could not taste any of those garnishes.  My daughter could only eat one crab cake (she bit into pieces of shell and that discouraged her from eating more).  I had to finish the rest for her (did not want to waste food).

Grilled Rainbow Trout – The filet of rainbow trout was very thin.  I wonder if the size of serving is standard or I received an end piece of the fish?  The fish was cooked well without any fancy spices or sauces.  I had no problem finishing the meal.   The Grilled Rainbow Trout was accompanied with small potatoes and asparagus.  This meal was very clean and simply prepared which I liked.

The only thing we did not finish eating was the Bowl of Nova Scotia Clam Chowder.  We asked them to pack it up to go with us.

With tax and tip, our whole meal at Walkers Fish Market came to about $72.  For the quality of food prepared at this restaurant, I’m not sure if its worth while to return.  The tackiness of this whole experience which kind of turned me off was that we saw the bread at Loblaws (mentioned above).   The ambience was very nice though.

Address:  Walkers Fish Market, 2575 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Peter says:

    $72 for 2 or 3 people for an avg meal? Seems like a bit of a rip-off. There’s a seafood place nearby called Lucy’s Seafood Kitchen beside the Asian Wok n Roll near the Millcreek Go Station and it’s average as well.

    I think the best fish places are fish & chips. There’s one called Applewood along Eglinton and Homestyle Fish & Chips on Burnhamthorphe which both have good reviews. I’ve been to Traditional Fish & Chips on Queen/Brittannia and it’s more of a take-out rather than dine-in place but it’s quite cheap and really good depending on what you get.

    1. Reggie says:

      Walkers was a rip off. The really funny thing is, I found out a coworker’s daughter works in the kitchen (food prep)! Yikes, I really put my foot in my mouth – now he doesn’t even talk to me! LOL.

      If anything, Lucy’s Seafood Kitchen is much better. Lets compare the clam chowder – Although Walker’s clam chowder had more clams than the Lucy’s clam chowder, I would still rate Lucy’s clam chowder much higher. I also had the Lobster roll at Lucy’s – it tasted good, but very mediocre since they only used bits of lobster instead of chunks of lobster meat. Now compare that to REAL Lobster rolls from Boston or the Atlantic!

      I used to go to the Lucy’s on Bristol but it closed down a little while I go. I thought that that one was MUCH better than the one on Millcreek. In fact, it was my favourite restaurants when it was around.

      And speaking of fish and chips – I highly don’t recommend the one in the Eglinton/Hurontario plaza.

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