Hamburgers – All recipes are welcome here!

I think one of my all time favourite meal is a good old hamburger.  I am sure a big juicy hamburger is on most of Canada’s top favourites list as well.  Sometimes I go thru phases where I’m constantly craving a delicious burger – such as this week I made burgers five times.  I know my daughter is getting sick of it.

I’m kind of lazy in the kitchen so would rather just find the easy way out by finding a burger joint.  The best burger joint for me so far is Woody’s.  Nothing has yet come close.  (Actually, there is a better place – at the Stockyards in Fort Worth Texas.  The angus beef was as fresh as you can get).  Mind you, its been about a year since I was last at Woody’s.  Things may have changed since then.  I heard their burger patties have shrunk a bit.  The least favourite burger places (that I can remember at the top of my head) are Apache Burgers and Five Guys.

The best tasting burgers have been made at home, where I can experiment with marinades, and seasonings and toppings.

In fact, I’m eating one of my best burgers yet – Its just a regular PC Sirloin burger.  I added a few things to make it taste this GOOD!  I will give my discovery a name – Dijon Egg Burger.  I do not have a BBQ so I placed it on the grill at home.  This is what I did:

PC Sirloin patty – Grill one side first for a few minutes, then flip to the other side (do not keep flipping the burger otherwise it will become dry).  Once it has been flipped, add some soy sauce and garlic powder onto the grilled side.  Let cook few minutes till its almost done.  I then cracked an egg on top of the burger patty, hoping it would fry on top of the hot hamburger.  It was not too successful as the yolk broke and everything kept sliding off.  So, I would recommend that the egg be fried separately and then placed on the burger.

While the patty was cooking, I toasted a hamburger bun.  Please don’t use the cheap Wonder Bread buns.  A better quality bun makes all the difference in a tasty burger.  Once toasted, I spread mayonnaise and dijon mustard on the bun.

I then placed the burger and egg onto the bun.  I did not use ketchup or other condiments as I wanted to enjoy the soy sauce flavour and the punch of the dijon mustard.

I really enjoyed it (unless I was just very hungry).  I believe it will taste a whole lot better if I made my own seasoned burger patty.

I do not have photos because I started eating it, and then suddenly it dawned on me that I should blog about my new burger!  There will be photos next time for sure!

If you guys have any recipes for delicious tasting burgers, please feel free to share with the rest of us! 

PS.  You may also want to visit RFD where theres a whole thread on how to prepare and season your own home made burgers for the BBQ.


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