Isis Mediterranean Cuisine

So a few people suggested Isis Mediterranean Cuisine in Mississauga as one of the better shawarma places. So I went by there today to try it out. I didn’t experience the WOW in this place that everyone else has experienced.

First, they didn’t have a menu. When I asked the guy if there was a menu, he said no they only served shawarma.  So why am I reading from other websites that this place had a menu?  Fine, I ordered chicken shawarma wraps.

The shawarma was good enough but nothing exceptional. I’ve had just as good shawarma at other places, if not better and packed with more meat. The pita was good though – nice and toasted.

Also, I had the impression by others reviews that this place was a neat little restaurant. But it looked sort’ve run down and bare with a few little pieces of furniture.

The prices were decent – about $14 for two shawarmas and two pops.  But I wouldn’t drive 30 mins out of my way to eat here.  Only if I was in the area and felt like a shawarma.  This is right across the street from Bobby’s…

Address:  Isis Mediterranean Cuisine – 17 Queen Street N., Mississauga, ON


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