The Owl of Minerva – Mississauga

We were originally headed for Chi’s Congee House as I had a craving for snow pea leaves.  As we were driving around the plaza I noticed The Owl of Minerva in the location that used to be a Japanese restaurant.  So we made a 180 and headed to this new spot.   I recall some RFDers talking about this restaurant in Markham.

The Owl of Minerva must’ve opened just recently, but when we walked in it didn’t feel new.  It felt kind of dirty and some of their equipment and stuff looked old.  It felt quite open and at the same time it had a cold, cafeteria feeling.

There were some good looking items on the menu.  We ordered the bulgogi and the glass noodles.

The server brought out three side dishes to start – kimchi, radish and vinegared cucumber.  The kimchi and radish (maybe turnip?) weren’t that great – they tasted a bit unfresh.  It needed more vinegar and more punch.  The cucumber was good – fresh, sweet and vinegary (I know how they make this, my mom used to always make a vinegary cucumber salad).

The bulgogi was very good – not too sweet.  This bulgogi actually reminds me of the one served at Kisoya (in Etobicoke) many years ago.  There were some white doughy, chewy things in the dish – does anyone know what it is?  I don’t recall seeing it in other bulgogi from other restaurants.  The bulgogi came with a small bowl of rice.

The glass noodles were great too and went well with the bulgogi.

The prices were very good – about $10 and $9 respectively.  We also ordered pop with our meal.  Tea came with our meal but it was served in plastic cups (didn’t quite like that too much).

On the whole, The Owl of Minerva is good value for the money.  If I compared it to Song Cook, they are different in many ways:

  • Both restaurants carried an egg and seafood omelette but is pricier by $3 at Song Cook.  Song Cook’s was quite good the next day.  Will have to compare Owl’s one day.
  • Song Cook gives a large plate of fresh kimchi, turnip and yellow radish.  The taste is fresher and better overall.
  • Song Cook has a bigger menu.  They also have Jajamyung (did I spell that right?)
  • Owl of Minerva feels more rushed.
  • I liked the grilled bulgogi at Owl.  I cannot find it on Song Cook’s Menu.
  • Song Cook has a classier atmosphere and feels cleaner than Owl.  Both give the same type of minimal service.  They are not unfriendly, I think this is just the way it is at Korean restaurants (maybe I’m wrong)?
  • Owl is in a great location vs Song Cook’s location.  Owl was quite busy when we got there.

Address:  The Owl of Minerva – 1177 Central Pky W  Mississauga, ON


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