What A Great Bagel – Not Just Bagels!


Okay, I have been to What A Great Bagel (don’t get it mixed up with What-A-Bagel like I just did) once before, but this is the first time I got a chance to see what they really carry in the little shop… And its not just bagels.

What A Great Bagel is located just two doors away from Song Cook (btw, I reviewed Song Cook earlier).

I picked up bagels one time last year from there early in the morning.  At that time, the shelves were still empty probably because they just opened in the morning as well.  I’m really not a fan of bagels (unless its the chewy Jewish kinds), so I never went back to this bagel shop.  Even though they carried a large variety of bagels.

Today, while we were going over to Song Cook for dinner, we managed to park right in front of What A Great Bagel, and I by chance took a glimpse into the shop… I saw some fresh big apple strudels sitting on the rack in front of the window….  We were standing there for a minute trying to decide if we should go in and grab a delicious looking strudel.  The four owners were sitting at a table looking at us, hahaha!  There was no one else in the store since the store was closing in about half an hour.

So I decided to walk in and grab a strudel – the price was just over $6.  As I was inside picking up the delicious flaky looking pastry, I saw a whole bunch of other delicious treats – chocolate chip cookies, butter tarts, fresh homemade donuts, cheese danishes…. the list goes on.

What A Great Bagel in Mississauga is owned by Polish people.  The four owners (I assume they are owners and probably family run) looked tired from a very long day at work.  The lady was so kind and told me she has been working for over 12 hours and was very, very tired.

I took a picture of the strudel (with a slice off the end.  Hehehe).  It was as mouth watering as it looks – flaky crust, a little chewier towards the middle, and fresh apple filling.

The shop is very basic, but that doesn’t matter to me.  Its the quality of the products that is more important.

If you get a chance, please pay this shop a visit – you won’t be disappointed!

Address:  What A Great Bagel – 1310 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi this is Kris one of the owners, we(What a Great Bagel) just want to thank you for the nice comments about our small place and visit us any time as we try our best to improve on Quality,Taste,assortment and keep our products as fresh and preservative free as possible but our main goal is to keep our clients healthy for years to come!

    1. Reggie says:

      You’re very welcome.  Every item I’ve bought from your store has always been fresh and well made.  I highly recommend What A Great Bagel to everyone.

  2. Mary Sabatino says:

    I really Enjoy the bagels I told my co-workers at work and they are now hooked, I hope you will put up a website so that we could see what you have as I am aware you make sandwiches as well, I would love to come in and pick up some breakfast bagels for myself and some coworkers as well…keep up the great work!!
    Mary S

  3. Anonymous says:

    This store needs a website. I have bought half dozen once and frozen and they were yummy every time i’d thaw & toast. Wanting to go back. What’s the price now a days for half-dozen?

  4. Anonymous says:

    hello. yesterday I bought some goodies from this store. everything was delicious especially the onion flavored cream cheese. one thing I didn’t like about it is that when one of the bagels fell on the floor the cashier didn’t throw it away but put it back in the bin.

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