Bobby’s Hideaway (For Breakfast)

What is all the hype for Bobby’s Hideaway?  For years I’ve heard a few people rave about breakfast at Bobby’s Hideaway.  So for all these years I’ve been thinking to myself, “wow I love great breakfasts, I gotta give Bobby’s a try!”  So we finally tried it last weekend.

First, I hate waiting in long line ups for breakfast.  I guess there aren’t enough breakfast places in the city or everyone just loves eating breakfast out!  Thats why we try and avoid Cora’s, which always has huge line ups on weekends.

Bobby’s parking lot was pretty tight – every parking spot was taken.  We were lucky a car was pulling out just as we got to the restaurant.

We got to Bobby’s around 10:30 am (peak breakfast time) and there was a line up.  We decided to wait since there was no point in driving elsewhere looking for another breakfast place.  The line moved fast, we waited about 10 minutes.

The breakfast meals were fine.  I ordered the Weekender which included eggs, pancakes, potatoes, sausage, bacon and ham.  My daughter ordered the corn beef mash.  Both meals came with “endless” coffee.  (Notice I have the word endless in parentheses and italics).  The price was average.  It came to around $30 with tax and tip.  I think this is typical for most breakfast places these days…

What I didn’t like was the busy atmosphere and service.  I don’t think driving 20 minutes out of our way just to eat breakfast at an overcrowded, cramped restaurant is worth it.  I don’t want to blame our waitress because it was really busy there, but I noticed she was serving and refilling everyone elses coffee cups and ignoring us.  She was even looking right at us.  I even put our cups out so she can see them.  She served the table of older people beside us and she served the older family of four diagonal to us.  I kept asking her repeatedly for the bill as well.  I know it was really busy…  But she had no problem catering to the other tables.  Is it because we were two (young looking) females?  Was it our appearance that caused us to receive lacklustre service?  I was very hesitant to leave a tip.

This first time experience left a bad taste in my mouth.  Definitely not worth the 20 minute drive out just for breakfast.  Doesn’t deserve any photos either.  We shoulda gone to Dennys! LOL!

Address:  Bobby’s Hideaway – 20 Queen Street North  Mississauga, ON


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  1. Khursheed says:

    Try Skyway Jacks at 6461 Mississauga Road for breakfast – family run and good, wholesome food.

    1. chiqchiq0704 says:

      I agree! Checked out Bobby’s since it’s right by our place and was very disappointed. I still don’t understand the line ups!

      1. Reggie says:

        We just go to Eggsmart these days – no line ups and very nice students working there. Decent breakfast. Much better service!

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