Tasty Kitchen

About a month ago we tried another eatery at the Central Parkway plaza, called Tasty Kitchen.  Its on the BTrust side, right beside Red Lotus (which I have to make a note to try out).

Tasty Kitchen is a Hong Kong style eatery.  Its funny – us Asians have a strange decorating style – modern and sparse, or no sense of style at all.  LOL!  Tasty Kitchen is all three – modern and sparse AND no sense of style.  The interior is a strange pinky salmon colour with white furniture.

I’m not sure how new Tasty Kitchen is, when we got there for dinner it wasn’t very busy – only a couple of tables were taken.  So we placed our order – I ordered the daily special – hakka noodles that comes with a small bowl of soup.  We also ordered the minced pork and tofu.  They gave us a bowl of soup with this dish as well.  We also ordered the Hong Kong style hot tea.

LOL – we did not enjoy our meal too much.  I think we only enjoyed our tea (Hong Kong tea is very strong by the way, so if you’re not big on alot of caffeine, definitely do not order this).  And the soup was decent.  I can’t remember what kind of soup it was.

The main dishes were not very enjoyable – the noodles were a little hard.  Since this was the special of the day, I’m pretty sure they made a huge batch earlier in the day and continued to serve it until they closed.  It was not even hot when it came out.  I ate it any way because I was hungry.

We could not even eat the minced pork and tofu – it was TOO SPICY.  We knew this was a spicy dish, but they put in too much chili or peppers or hot sauce.  We tried to eat as much as we could, although it was just too ulcer inducing.

Besides the below average meal we ate, I wouldn’t mind giving it a second chance.  I’ll learn from my earlier mistakes – don’t order the special of the day, don’t order spicy dishes, and most importantly – observe what dishes other customers are eating.

(Yeah the food in the photos look pinkish because the pink interior of the restaurant casted a pink lighting all around).

Address:  Tasty Kitchen – 1177 Central Parkway W., Mississauga, ON


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  1. doesitblog says:

    Thanks for the review – I have been to the Central Pkwy Plaza a few times, but haven’t seen this one.

    How about reviewing the Tiawanese place, Aroma Island? My impression is that it is very nice inside with very good service, but the food was not up my alley just in terms of personal taste. I would be interested to hear your opinion.

    PS, I had no idea you were Asian!

  2. Reggie says:

    I know – I want to try Aroma Island soon. We were going to try it actually but ended up at Tasty Kitchen.

    And yeah, I’m Chinese!

  3. Reggie says:

    Okay, so I went to Aroma Island at your suggestion. I’ll review it sometime later this week.

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