Medieval Times

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Living in Toronto all my life, this was the first time I ever visited Medieval Times.  It was a fun 2 hour experience, especially for the kids.  We were there for my niece and nephew’s birthdays.

Horses and princesses, the good knights and the evil knight.  All set in a medieval castle with diners surrounding a sand arena where the knights duel for their lives.

Don’t go there expecting fine dining though – the food was just passable and all eaten with our hands:

Tomato soup (tasty)
Garlic bread (salty)
Half chicken (meh)
Spare rib (blah)
Turnover (yum)

If you have kids, you’ll definitely walk out with a much lighter wallet as there is a large assortment of souvenirs to purchase.  And of course the group photos offered for purchase!

Address:  Medieval Times – Exhibition Place, Toronto, ON


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