U Cafe

We went to U Cafe at the plaza on Central Parkway the other day.  Its located close to Chi’s Congee House.

When we got to the plaza we weren’t exactly sure where to eat and decided to take a look at the menu posted outside the U Cafe.  Its advertised as a cafe and wifi place.  The owner was standing beside us and convinced us to give it a try.

The interior was dim, simple, modern, typical modern Hong Kong Style.  The menu was two sided and offered some variety – simple, uncomplicated, affordable meals.

We ordered the chicken wings and mixed noodles, and pork chop with rice and vegetables.  We also ordered two Hong Kong style hot teas.

We were not crazy about the food.  Out of our two meals, the pork chop was not good all!  It was salty and sour and the flavours did not blend.  For a minute I thought maybe the pork chop was spoiled.  The chicken wings were mediocre but tasted 100% better than the pork chop.   The noodles was spaghetti pasta with some kind of brown sauce.  I could not distinguish the taste.  We ate as much as we could.  Good thing our meals were not expensive.

There were a few customers in there… I wonder if they enjoyed their meals….

U Cafe does have its positives – its a cozy, quiet, clean and stylish little eatery.  The server was really nice.   I think they would have a lot more luck if they turned their establishment into a tea and snack house.  I would only visit for their beverages and to hang out.

Address:  U Cafe:  1177 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Jo says:

    Hi Reggie,

    Great blog! I stumbled upon it from a RFD forum. I love how you’re reviewing Mississauga… because nobody else ever does! I’m a Mississauga person myself, and love seeing that you’re checking out so many different places.

    I’m trying out a new place tonight called Blue Sage

    It seems to be a bit more east than where you normally are, but I’ve heard great reviews on it! It’s a smokehouse.

    Also, one of my all-time favourite restaurants in Mississauga is The Apricot Tree! It’s a unique boutique style restaurant with a very homey-feel. The owner is also the chef and you have to get the specials of the day. Their regular menu is great, but their specials… especially if there’s a lemon dill sauce… oh man!

    Anyways, keep up your awesome reviews!

    1. Reggie says:

      Thanks! I hear about alot of these places on RFD too and I enjoy trying new places.

      I heard that those two places are really good – Blue Sage (love BBQ) and Apricot Tree. I really want to try them soon! Aprilcot Tree is Italian?

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