Panera Bread – Mississauga


Panera Bread is an American chain of specialty eateries, serving healthy sandwiches, soups and salads, as well as a nice selection of baked goods.

They have been in the Mississauga area for a few years now (located across from Square One Shopping Mall).  I’m more of the type of person who enjoys a hearty (less healthy) meal and normally would eat a salad or sandwich as a last option.  I was never really excited or drawn to Panera Bread because of this, but decided to check it out just before the Holiday Season.

We walked into Panera Bread and it was quite popular and busy.  There was quite a line up of customers at the counter, placing their orders.  The concept is the customer would place their order at the counter, the staff would give you a buzzer and you would find a table.  A server would bring your meal to the table.  If you ordered a coffee or pop, you would help yourself at the drink dispenser.

Panera Bread has a homey and comfortable atmosphere – traditional and modern – dark wooden tables and chairs and stylish decor.

We have been there two times in the last month.  The first time I ordered a panini and soup combo and the second time a salad.  The food is quite clean and simple with breads available in a variety of multi-grains.

The only thing that I didn’t quite like about Panera Bread was the way we dispose of our plates and cutlery.  Customers are required to place their dirty plates and cutlery in an open bin which is not removed often enough.  I think this is quite gross and unsanitary.

Other than that small detail, I really like Panera Bread.  Its quite cozy inside, service is fast, food is inexpensive, yet good for you (estimate price of one meal is about $10.00).  There are a few locations in the GTA.

Address:  Panera Bread – 55 Square One Drive, Mississauga, ON


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  1. I think this restaurant is a great addition to the Mississauga core, lots of healthy food options

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