Pho Mi 99 – New at Dundas and Hurontario

Theres a new Pho Mi 99 at Dundas E. and Hurontario.  Its more modern looking – similar to the Heartland location (I wonder if they are the same owners?)  It was pretty good, but I noticed a little pricier than the other Pho Mi 99 I usually go to (by Ocean’s) unless the prices went up all around.   We have patronized this location a few times already and have tried a number of dishes – the stewed beef on rice, the fried fish, egg and rice, and the spicy chicken wings.

The Stewed Beef on Rice at this new location was quite good and the meat was really tender and the sauce was thicker than the one served at Ocean’s.

This was the first time I tried the Fried Fish and it was made really well and wasn’t greasy.

The Spicy Chicken Wings are better at the Ocean’s location – spicier and more flavour.  It also seemed like it could be cooked a little longer.  I don’t think I will be ordering the wings here again.

I also ordered the Rice Noodles with Beef.  It looked really tasty, however when I bit into a carrot I nearly gagged – the carrot tasted awful, almost like it had a chemical on it.  I could not finish my meal after that and threw out the noodles when I got home.

The Jumbo Shrimp on Rice was delicious!  This location actually uses ‘jumbo’ shrimp and they make the sauce very, very nicely.  It was nice and thick and tasty.  It was so good that I couldn’t hold back and ended up dropping it all over my clothes!  Be careful, the stain won’t come off your clothes if you end up dropping it on yourself.

I think overall, when I compare this Pho Mi 99 with the one located at the Ocean’s plaza, I prefer this new restaurant.  It is much cleaner and modern.  The people are exceptionally nice and helpful.  Their milkshakes are made well and if I recall, they have bubble tea.  But the most important determining factor to place this location on top – their Jumbo Shrimp!  The Ocean’s location had started skimping on their shrimp the last few times we were there and our rice meals were always cold.  ENOUGH SAID!

Address:  Pho Mi 99 – Sorry, I do not have the actual address, but it is in the plaza on Dundas and Hurontario thats right near Marios BBQ.


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  1. doesitblog says:

    Thanks, I saw this new location recently and was wondering about it. The key item for me is the quality of the pho soup itself. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

  2. Reggie says:

    I tried the pho the other day at this location. They gave us a huge bowl even though we only ordered a small ($5). The broth was very clear and the noodles were thin like vermicelli. The soup could’ve been flavoured more. I think Golden Turtle makes a better pho soup, even though they are more expensive and give less.

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