Chi’s Congee House

Chi’s Congee House is located right beside Chiu Chow Man (okay, maybe a couple of doors over) and the food is quite good being out in the west end.

I treated my sister when she was in town the other week.  She lives across the border so she has been deprived of proper chinese food for almost a year.

We like to order a few things so we can have a variety of dishes to choose from.  We ordered:

Chicken and Abalone Congee (and requested preserved egg to be added to the bowl).  Not bad.. Not bad at all!  Tastes especially good the next day.

Snow Pea Leaves with Minced Garlic – it was still a bit raw the last time we ordered it, so the leaves were crunchy…. WARNING – don’t eat too much in one sitting or you’ll pay for it later!

Shrimp with Spicy Minced Pork and Black Bean Sauce (this is a nightly special for only $5 when you spend $10).  My daughter loves this dish – crispy, flavoury and you can almost eat the shell.

Address:  Chi’s Congee House – 1177 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON


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