Chiu Chow Man Restaurant

We went to Chiu Chow Man this afternoon.  I read some good reviews on a food site about this little place and wanted to try.  We had intended to try it a few weeks ago, but it was busy and ended up going to Chi’s Congee and Noodle House instead (will review that in a little bit).  The restaurant is in the chinese plaza on Central Parkway.

We looked at the menu posted on the window and decided to walk in.  The diner was your basic non-flashy, simple chinese restaurant – a little rundown and the walls were dirty.  We were presented with a different menu that didn’t offer the specials that were posted on the window.  Fine – no big deal.  We looked through the menu (which was pretty extensive).  We ordered garlic snow pea leaves, spare ribs with black bean sauce and rice noodles, and spicy squid.

The garlic snow pea leaves tasted good but I thought they used too much starch.  You can see the glaze over top the veggies.  Especially when the food gets cold, you can see the sauce geling.  The minced garlic looks like the type that you can purchase already minced.  Personally, I find that garlic already minced is not the freshest and some of the flavour gets lost.

The spare rib noodles came next – It looked good, but I can also see that alot of starch was used to thicken the sauce.  We took heapings of the noodles onto our plates.  The spare ribs weren’t hot, basically they were cold.  I can understand the meat being prepared ahead of time, but they should be warmed up properly or added to the stirfry to make it hot.  The noodles had no flavour.  I think maybe they used too much black beans and so it had a bit of a bitter flavour.  The noodles were also not hot.

The spicy squid wasn’t very good either.  They breaded/battered it instead of just coating it in cornstarch and seasoning.  The breading/batter started coming off as soon as we picked up a piece of squid with our chopsticks.  We only ate one piece each.

We were embarrassed to just leave our food on the table barely eaten.  We asked them to pack up the leftovers for us, but we threw out the food as soon as we got home.

To be honest, we were very disappointed with the quality of the food since we were expecting something delicious based on reviews by other diners.  There are so many other good eateries in the plaza that we surely won’t be missing out anymore on this one.  Oh well, at least we gave it a try!

Address:  Chiu Chow Man Restaurant – 1177 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON


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  1. doesitblog says:

    My observation is that chiuchowman shines specifically in the area of soups. I share your observation about how their other items are not as good.

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