Dai Ichi Sushi Restaurant (Yes, another sushi review…!)

I tried out Dai Ichi Sushi at the suggestion of a poster here.  They are located at Dundas and Winston Churchill.  Don’t let the plain outer appearance of the store fool you – I was very surprised how good the food was… it was very good.

Of course, we got there shortly after 5:00 pm so the place wasn’t busy.  The decor was traditional – wood tables/benches.  I am going to assume the restaurant has been here for a while and its a regular staple in the area.

We ordered smarter this time so we don’t order too much (usually we order a meal each and then we are unable to finish it).  We ordered one sushi combo, a tempura appetizer, sunomono salad and a couple of miso soups. My daughter and I shared all these.  As you can see by the photos, everything was nicely presented, colourful and looked very appetizing.  I love octopus so of course the sunomono salad hit the spot.

The tempura was really well made!  It was thoroughly cooked so the tempura batter was crispy and textured as it should be.  Alot of places don’t make tempura properly and the batter would turn out gloppy looking.  I give this an A+++.

And of course the sushi was great.  My test is by tasting the salmon sushi and seeing what the texture is like – very soft and melts in the mouth!

Service wasn’t overly warm, but that was fine.  They were efficient and we received our meals and paid the bill without any problems.

Dai Ichi Sushi is definitely a place we will be visiting again!

I have an another review for Dai Ichi Sushi Restaurant – Here .  This one has some pics of their amazing sushi rolls!

Address:  Dai Ichi Sushi Restaurant – 3105 Winston Churchill Blvd., Mississauga, ON


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good to see this place listed here! I am a regular and they consistently serve up great food! Once they see you a few more times they will definetly warm up! Get to know the ladies they are great!

  2. doesitblog says:

    My boss claims that this is the only good sushi place in Mississauga.

  3. daniella g says:

    try k&b that just opened up at the amc winston churchill plaza. the quality of the food is great. the tokiyo roll is my fav.

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