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Move over Kanda Sushi you’ve been dethroned! (Not anymore.  Read my November update.   I will be heading back to Kanda)!  A new AYCE in Mississauga –  Just went to Yangs for lunch.  Here are some photos.  Pictures speak a thousand words!  I don’t need any other commentary except that…. EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS!

I ate so much, its now 9pm and I’m still stuffed!  The grilled squid was delicious.  Those balls are takoyaki (haven’t had those in a while)!  Salmon was so fresh and melts in the mouth.  I’ll skip the mackerel (grilled fish) in the future.  We ate so much we didn’t have room for dessert.

Lunch was only $13.99 when you pay cash.  Drinks are included!  Excellent, excellent value!  The dinner price is $25 – but then you also have a wider selection on the dinner menu.  (My mistake – $21.99 for dinner when you pay cash).  I’ll be visiting this place for dinner soon! Even better value than Spoon & Fork.

Update – September 8, 2011

Just came back from dinner – The price is $21.99 when paying cash.  Beverages are included in the price.  Our bill with tax and tip was about $57.

They had a special per table – some sort’ve seafood in cream sauce presented in a clam shell.  The beef sashimi was great!  The waitress was really nice and had the cook split up the beef sashimi order for us into two plates and gave us more than we originally ordered.  And then on the dinner menu is a mango yogurt – it was light and milky and didn’t taste like yogurt at all.

Sorry, no pictures this time – I was too busy eating.  :o)

Update:  November 6, 2011

Service is really declining at Yangs.  I’m noticing a BIG difference from the first time I went.  I went yesterday for lunch.  Here are the big differences

  • Pop is REALLY watered down.
  • Barely any salad dressing on the salad.  Wow, they are really trying to skimp.  I couldn’t even eat my tasteless salad.
  • Barely any soup in our miso soup.  My daughter noticed the half servings.
  • They didn’t bring everything I ordered to the table.  And it took a long time to bring each item.  They missed 4 items on my order.  After waiting patiently for a reasonable amount of time, I made sure to tell a server what was missing and made sure they brought the missing items to our table.  These missing items were not errors.  I went another time where they shorted me on a number of items.  That is why I made sure this time that I received everything on my order (especially since I did not order alot of food and we were still hungry).
  • No soya sauce and wasabi brought to our table.  I had to ask a server to bring both.  The server then brought the wasabi but not the soya sauce.  I had to ask another server to bring the soya sauce.
  • Did not include a serving spoon or fork with the fried rice.  I had to scrape the rice onto our plates with our chopsticks
  • Alot of the items on the menu are limited to dinner time.  Eel has been taken off the menu.
  • Be aware!  They have started tacking on 10% service charge on the bill (after taxes!).  I was advised that the regular workers do not receive any of the gratuities – everything goes to management.  I used to leave more than 15% before this mandatory service charge.  I no longer leave a penny more!  Too bad the workers work hard and can’t receive any of the tips.

There was one nice server who was really apologetic for the watered down pop and missing items.  She was there before the changes started happening and I think she doesn’t like these new rules either.

My rating for the restaurant has dropped drastically due to these bad service changes.  I don’t think I will be going there too often anymore.

Address:  Yang’s Kitchen Sushi Bar – 1177 Central Parkway W., Mississauga, ON


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    The picture above is me (behind) my dad XD

    1. Reggie says:

      That is too funny! What a small world that you would see this on here!

  2. Ben says:

    You should try the Yangs Kitchen in Hwy 7 and Warden. Is it the same?

    1. Reggie says:

      I think the restaurant has changed names, but at the time it was around Yangs was the same as the one in Markham.
      When I’m in Scarborough, I usually go to Matsuda.

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