Whole Foods Market – New to Mississauga

After months of seeing large dirt patches and massive construction around the Square One area, Whole Foods has finally opened.  We decided to trek over there after I came home from work earlier this week.

For readers who aren’t familiar with Whole Foods, its an organic and natural food grocery store.  There are a couple of locations in the GTA and they are all over the United States.  I’ve been to massive Whole Foods stores in Dallas, Texas.  The price point of the products is much higher than already expensive Loblaws and Metro.  Whole Foods covers a niche market for people who are into organic and natural food products.

The Whole Foods in Mississauga is a decent size, but very scaled down compared to the one in Dallas.  Newbies to the store would consider the Mississauga location pretty big.

The first thing I headed straight to when we arrived at the store was the cooked food area.  LOL!  I’m always hungry!  But also it was around 5pm and I didn’t have any lunch earlier and I was starving.  I wanted to make my own dish at the buffet counter and eat at the tables.  LOL, as you can see I enjoy the simple things in life!

The pricing was based on weight.  I think it was just over $2.00 per 100 grams or so.  I selected a piece of meat loaf, a huge heaping of mashed potatoes and a corn dish.  I then picked up a strawberry seltzer at the drinks area, then headed over to the barrista and ordered a cafe mocha for my daughter (Wow, over $4.00!).

I wasn’t thinking when I packed my plate.  The cashier warned me that the potatoes are heavy so don’t be surprised if my total bill comes out to a large amount.  I joked if I can unpack some of my potatoes back into the bin. :P.  My plate and strawberry drink came to $13.00 – a little pricy, but expected since it was Whole Foods.  And I didn’t mind trying things once or twice.

Finished our meal, was okay but not worth the $13.00 price tag.  Then we went over to the bakery area to order some delicious looking cupcakes.  There was a lady who beat me to the counter and she ended up with first dibs on all the chocolate oreo cupcakes.  I managed to get the other chocolate, plus a carrot cupcake.  We ate them at home – The chocolate cupcake was crumbly and dry.  The carrot cupcake was much better.

We looked around a bit more at the natural bath products and picked up a bar of lavender soap.  We heard that lavender oil is good for your skin, but since we didn’t see any oil, we settled for the soap.  Now my bathroom stinks – reminds me of the CNE.

The parking area wasn’t huge, but at the same time it wasn’t crowded either when we went.  I’ll take a trek over there again probably on the weekend.

I also want to add that I think working at Whole Foods would be a fun and rewarding part time job for students.

p.s.  I found the photo on the internet.  (This is a photo of the Oakville store, brought to my attention by a reader).


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jerry says:

    The picture looks like the Oakville store. Does the Mississauga store look exactly the same too?

  2. Reggie says:

    It looks a little different. I’ll take a photo next time I’m there.

  3. kocolate says:

    The Whole Foods Store in Atlanta, Georgia has so much more personality and Life – Canada is just dull and super expensive!! I’m sure when Target comes, that will be a big disappointment also.

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