Dev’s Haveli

Have you tried Dev’s Haveli Indian buffet yet?  Its located at Dixie and Dundas (I think it used to be a Chinese buffet restaurant before).   To be honest, I’m not a big consumer of this type of cuisine, but wanted to give this new place a try because of some good reviews, I wanted some good naan and butter chicken, and my daughter wanted to try Indian food one day.

We went for dinner during the week around 5pm.  The doors open for dinner at that time as well.  We were the first and only customers while we were there.  I thought more patrons would show up closer to 6pm but no – no one showed up except us.  A couple of questionable females walked in, took a look at the buffet and then left.

The selection was pretty good, there was butter chicken, desi chicken, curry goat, fish marsala, biryani, plus alot more other dishes.  There was even some regular Canadian food such as pasta and pizza and french fries.  The curry goat was mostly bones but I took some anyway.  I did not end up taking any butter chicken so can’t tell you how it tastes.   There was also chili chicken, which I thought wasn’t the greatest.  The best dish I thought was the fish marsala – the fish was tender and it mixed well with the rice or alone.  The food was americanized (or Canadianized) as the tastes were not overpowering.

The waitress brought us a basket of fresh garlic naan.  It was delicious and hot and fresh!  I think this was my favourite of the whole buffet.

There was also a selection of desserts, ice cream and fresh fruit.  The Canadian desserts weren’t the greatest – they could’ve been sitting out there all day.  I thought the rice pudding was very good though, it tasted home made.  And then there was this other dessert – it looked like mashed brown sugar.  I don’t know what the name is but I thought it was very good.  It was beside the jalebi (is that how you spell it?)

We ordered a mango lassi for my daughter (she didn’t enjoy it too much).  And I ordered a marsala chai.  It just tasted like regular milky tea with a hint of spice.  I’ve had much better at other places.

Dev’s Haveli was completely dead while we were there so I’m not sure how fresh their food would be for the rest of the night.  The guy at the front looked really bored.  The meal was an okay price $16 or so.  I’m not sure if I would come back here, but I enjoyed trying out Dev’s Haveli nonetheless.

Address:  Dev’s Haveli – 1456 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON


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  1. ritesh says:

    Now try this restaurant, it is always Jam packed and you wont find table there, so get your table reserved before you go. The food is delicious as you stated. I love this restaurant.

  2. Ron says:

    Their Lunch Buffet is the best & very reasonably priced . Try their butter chicken & tandoori chicken its really good . The fresh naans brought out on the table are vety good .

    I don’t think I will go there for their dinner buffet as it seems a bit pricey but their lunch buffet is definitely worth it .

    Check their website & the selection of their buffet before you go there that you pick up & eat the right dishes when you are there

  3. AMAR DHILLON says:

    Dev Haveli there food was OK. But wanted to inform all the food lovers that guys if you want to try the real butter chicken with naan or rice .come to Narulas .i am going regularly there ,and there “Lunch box special” give me everything with a good quantity and reasonable price, one thing i can say there Food is Best in the whole GTA.
    try Narula once you will love there Food:)

  4. sumyya atif says:

    is this resturant is HALAL

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