Mangosteens Thai Cuisine

We finally got to Mangosteens Thai Cuisine after hearing about it a little while ago.  I heard its a fairly new restaurant and so wanted to give it a try.  Located in a corner of a tiny plaza on The Queensway (Queensway/Kipling), we finally found it after driving past it a couple of times.

We got there just before 6pm and it was still empty.  We may have been their first customer for dinner.  More customers came into the restaurant closer to the end of our meal.

The interior was a clean and soothing white decor –  white ceramic floors, white leathery chairs, dark tables and white bare walls embellished with a smudgy white texture.  It felt very clean, and the atmosphere immediately relaxed us.  It was nice and soothing and quiet.

The waitress pleasantly greeted us and took our beverage order of Taro slushy bubble tea, and coconut milk bubble tea.  They were a bit pricy, and were just okay.  The drinks weren’t too sweet but the bubbles could’ve been sweeter.

We had time to look through the menu while she was preparing our drinks.  The menu was very well priced and had an attractive selection to choose from.  We ordered the Chicken Pad Sew ($12) and the Sirloin Beef with Garlic and Pepper ($10).  We were sharing our meal.  I had wanted to order the Mango Salad.  My daughter swayed me to save our appetite for dessert instead (we were intending to order the Coconut Rice with Mango dessert).

The food was pretty good.  The flavours were subtle and not overpowering.  The chicken pad sew was subtle and had a nice combination of chicken, noodles and chinese greens.  The noodles were a bit soft.  We shared the dish with just a bit leftover.  The sirloin beef was a little dry with a subtle flavour.  It came with a bowl of steam rice and side of sweet chili sauce.  My first bite, I bit into a pepper, LOL.  That was hot!

We didn’t order the dessert after all because we were stuffed, even though we were drooling for it.

Service was great.  The girl was really nice.  Our meal with tip came to $43.  We plan on going again soon!

(Sorry, I was going to post my photos but I ended up losing them just the other day when I bought and switched phones.  The photos are stuck in my old phone.)

Address:  Mangosteens Thai Cuisine – 1244 The Queensway, Toronto, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I liked them too… went the first month they opened. Are they licensed (LLBO) yet?

    1. Reggie says:

      I’m not sure if they are licensed. I’ve only been there once. I need to go back soon.

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