A T and T Dinner Night

I’ve been cutting back on eating out the last little while because I have to pay for our upcoming trips to Cuba and New York!  So, I went to T and T to buy ingredients for dinner tonight.  This is what I’m cooking:

I purchased two packages of red snapper filets.  The reason I purchase the filets instead of the whole fish from the seafood counter is because I’m squeamish when it comes to touching the fish and having to see the head.  I have no problem eating fresh fish, but just having to handle and prepare it while its uncooked makes me go… :-\

I garnish the red snapper filets with soy sauce, finely mminced ginger and garlic.  I forgot to pick up green onions, so I’ve substituted regular yellow onions instead.  I’ve also purchased some king oyster mushrooms to add to the dish.  These mushrooms are huge, but taste delicious when sliced finely and mixed in with alot of sauce.

I cook my fish in the oven in a glass casserole dish.  I also lay down a bed of thick egg noodles.  Usually, I use udon noodles, but today I wanted to try out different noodles to see how the taste will be.  I add a little more marinade of soy, garlic, ginger and onions.  Usually udon noodles cook really quickly.  I’m not sure how long these egg noodles will take.

I add a bit of water to the casserole dish and I place everything into the preheated oven of about 350.  Fish doesn’t take long to cook and therefore, no need to turn the temperature up too high.  I think I’ll leave it in the oven from 20 – 30 minutes and see how it goes.

For after dinner, I picked up some exotic fruit called mangosteen.  I learned about this fruit from fellow RFD members.  The shell is a dark purply colour, and the inside flesh is white.  It looks like a garlic.  The texture of the flesh is like a lychee – soft, plump and juicy.  This is the first time I’ve tried it!  Oh yeah, I picked up plump dark red cherries as well!  I’ll add that to our fruit mixture.

So here is a picture of my red snapper meal, and a picture of the mangosteen.

You don’t need to purchase these items just at TnT.   Any asian grocery store will do.


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