Miga Korean and Japanese BBQ Restaurant

I went to Miga in Mississauga last week for dinner.  They’re located on Dundas West, just past Erin Mills Parkway.

This is my second time being here.  My first time at Miga was probably a year ago when we first noticed the restaurant and decided to give it a try.  At that time we ordered the BBQ combo for two.  I don’t remember the price then, but I felt it was pretty pricy when compared to the Korean BBQ places offered in Scarborough or downtown.  But I guess you can’t really compare the two since the less expensive places would also relate to quality.  Miga’s BBQ dinner offered a generous quantity and variety of meats and side dishes for the price (chicken, beef, short ribs, pork, etc.).

This second time when we went to Miga, we decided not to go for the BBQ dinner because I didn’t want to pay the price.  But I guess it was no different because our total bill came close to $60.  We ordered two stone rice bowls – One had beef and kimchi and rice, and the other had short ribs and rice.  We also ordered a dragon roll to have as an appetizer.  The rice bowls were about $14 – $15 each, and the dragon roll was about $10 (give or take a dollar).  My daughter didn’t enjoy her meal too much.  She only picked out the beef and wasn’t too crazy about the warm kimchi.  Oh well, at least she tried it and now she knows.  My meal was pretty good, they were generous with the amount of meat.  I ate most of it (I left a couple pieces of meat).  I enjoyed the dragon roll too since I had a craving for sushi.

I remember the older lady with the short hair served us the first time we went and she served us this time too.  Shes very pleasant and nice and gave us great service.

The service and quality is very good, but I would only come here once in a while because I feel the prices are pretty high when I compare it to Song Cook.  At Song Cook, the both of us could eat for under $25!

I decided not to post photos since they won’t do the food any justice… :0/

Address:  Miga Korean and Japanese BBQ Restaurant – 2382 Dundas St. W., Mississauga, ON


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