Woody’s Burgers – The Ultimate Burger Joint

This burger shown in the photo is called The California.  It consists of a thick, juicy 7. oz. homemade patty garnished with guacamole, salsa, fried onions and pesto mayo.  I ordered this burger as a combo that included a generous serving yukon gold fries and a can of pop.  The cost of my California burger combo was just under $10!

Yes, I ordered my delicious artery clogging burger from Woody’s Burger Bar and Grill!  Woody’s is my favourite burger joint thus far.  Their burgers are the best.  Woody’s has a choice selection of gourmet burgers – you can choose either a Tokyo Burger, a Tandoori Burger, a Bistro Burger (that includes a hunk of brie cheese.  I have also tried this before), plus more.  They even have a burger called The Coronary, that has bacon and a fried egg (This is one that I will have to try next time)!

Their menu also includes specialty pulled pork sandwiches and poutine.  I have had their pulled pork poutine before – it was huge and enough to feed two people!

The combo includes a can of pop and choice of side – yukon cut fries, sweet potato fries, cole slaw, etc.  I always choose the french fries because I think they taste so good, and sometimes they are mushy which I like even better!  This time my order of fries were nice and crispy.

I have to warn you this burger place has no air conditioning and can get very smokey!  This time I had my meal for take out (otherwise, the burger and fries are served in a basket).  If you are there to eat in, choose to sit on the outdoor patio to get away from the smokey fumes.  I felt sorry for the cook – he was the lone cook and I bet he was dying of heat!

Address:   Woody’s Burger Bar a & Grill – 3795 Lakeshore Blvd. West  Etobicoke, ON


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