Grand Ocean Restaurant – Scarborough

Note:  Grand Ocean Restaurant no longer in existence.  Its changed hands and under a new name – the new restaurant isn’t very good.

Even though my food blog is based on restaurants in Mississauga and vicinity, I thought I would post about Grand Ocean Restaurant in Scarborough because:

a) Its brand new and took over what once was Scarborough Grand Seafood Restaurant.  I thought it deserves some publicity just because of the excellent service we experienced!

b) I posted my review on YELP, but usually they always filter my reviews and then no one will be able to see or read it.

So, here is my review of Grand Ocean Restaurant, located in the Dragon Centre on Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, ON…

We were disappointed when Scarborough Grand Seafood Restaurant closed down.  It was my mom’s favourite dim sum and dinner spot, and we had being going there for years and years.

We decided to try Grand Ocean Restaurant (that took over) on the weekend for dim sum AND dinner.

I thought the dim sum was very, very good.  They had a large variety of different items.  The dim sum served was not oily, or too salty, and did not make us thirsty.  I could not taste any msg (which is a good thing).  I ate so much food.  The soy dessert was great and so were the spare ribs. The carts were a little slow in coming and the service was a little off.  I guess we were comparing it too much to the original restaurant.  The price for the four of us came to $60 including tip.

We went back that night for dinner at 5:30 pm.  The place was very quiet, there was only one other table with customers. We ordered peking duck, fried rice and some greens.  I thought the food was very freshly made and again, not oily or salty and did not make me thirsty.  Very clean tasting.  They gave large servings.

The service was excellent!  I think the lady serving us was the manager.  They were very attentive, bringing us extra hoisin sauce for the peking duck, offering us extra dessert and cookies (which were on the house), was very attentive towards my mom.  They even packed our leftovers for us!  (Usually restaurants just hand us the styrofoam containers and then we would have to pack the food ourselves).

Thank you Grand Ocean Restaurant – my mom can take comfort in returning to the Dragon Centre again for her daily dim sum fix, and no longer have to travel an extra 10 – 15 mins to the alternative restaurant shes been frequenting since Scarborough Grand Seafood Restaurant closed down.

If you’re ever in Scarborough, particularly Sheppard and Midland area, please drop by Grand Ocean Restaurant for some tasty dim sum.  It was a bit busy during the day, but we had no problem being seated quickly.

Address:  Grand Ocean Restaurant – 23 Glen Watford Dr., Scarborough, ON


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    Thank you for writing

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