We went back to our old neighbourhood to have dinner the other night.  Fogarty’s is a small, eclectic pub that’s located on Lakeshore, just a bit east of Brownsline.  It’s an Irish/Cajun mixed pub (very unique).  We tried to order from this place back on St. Patrick’s Day, but it was very busy.  So I had always made a mental note to myself to give it a try one day.  The location of this interesting pub/restaurant is great, however I think the actual site is a bit odd.  The previous businesses were more like retail stores.  The restaurant was very artsy inside, but because I knew what types of businesses were here before Fogarty’s, it just didn’t feel right….

Fogarty’s is really tiny, I would call it a ’boutique pub’.  As soon as we walked into the restaurant, we basically smacked into the regulars at the bar – that’s how small the place is.  At any other restaurant, the amount of patrons at the bar would’ve been small but it was overly crowded at Fogarty’s.  The bar was basically right at the entrance of the door.  I was literally taken aback as soon as we opened the door – they all turned to look at the two of us…  We thought we walked into someone’s private party.

LOL!  The lady showed us to a high table with stools at the bar….my underage daughter was with me….  How awkward…Everything was too close for comfort if we sat at the bar.  The lady must’ve saw the look on our faces because she immediately showed us to the other side of the room where the diningroom was.

The dining area was really cute and quaint.  It had a handful of tables and some nice paintings on the wall.  We were the only ones in the dining area.

One side of the menu is the lunch selection and the other side is the dinner selection.  There must’ve been no more than 8 choices from the dinner menu.  But that was okay, the food sounded interesting.

My daughter ordered the Chicken Gumbo that came with a side of jambalaya and some flat bread ($12.95).  The gumbo was presented in a small pot.  I took a taste of it and it was creamy with generous chunks of chicken.  It tasted good enough (I might’ve added a bit more salt to it).  My daughter found it a bit spicy after a while.  I guess they added a bit of zing to it.  She liked dipping the bread into the gumbo.  The jambalaya was a nice side.  It didn’t have any meat in it.  We thought it was okay.  I’m a bit of a rice snob because I grew up eating rice at dinner every day.

I had the Meat Tart with Side Salad ($12.95).  It was presented on a bed of jambalaya rice.  The salad was a fresh mix of greens with corn niblets and black eyed peas as garnish, and I’m not sure what the salad dressing was.  It tasted delicious!   The meat pie was a small, single serving for one with a small amount of filling inside and some tomato sauce on top.  It tasted good enough, the crust could’ve been more flaky.

The portions may be good enough for lunch.  We are small so, I think a tall or average person would still be hungry after.  I think they could’ve knocked the prices down a bit just because the portions were on the small side.  I’m also taking a wild guess that everything we ordered was homemade.  It was different and tasted good.

If I had to rate my experience at Fogarty’s, I would give a 7 for food and a 5 everything else.  I like the quaintness and coziness of the place, but I have to adjust to the other elements.  Once I get over how awkward and out of place I felt while there, I might consider trying the other menu items one day down the road…

Address:  Fogarty’s – 3481 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The owner of Fogarty’s, after informing me that I was “negative” (words removed. don’t want anyone to get in trouble). If you are looking for a respectable pub for a nice night, this is not the place for you.

  2. Reggie says:

    Sorry, I had to edit your review of this pub. Sorry you had a bad experience there. So many other good places in the area, no need to fret about one.

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