Sushi Tei

I used to eat at Sushi Tei on a regular basis years ago.  It was always a very good restaurant – exotically decorated, clean and lined around the outter edges with tatami rooms.  The servers were always very professional and friendly.

So after years of being away from this established sushi restaurant, I decided to go back again last week.  I heard the original owner’s son is now in charge of the place.

We ordered the beef sashimi, rainbow roll and a stir fry seafood dish (I cannot remember the name on the menu, but I have a photo).

The waitress gave us a number of really fresh side dishes, plus miso soup and salad.  The side dishes were great, miso soup was good and salad was okay (bland salad dressing).

Our meal came quickly after. The beef sashimi was nicely presented (looked like a bird’s nest) with a raw egg on top.  Very interesting and fun looking!  However, it was frozen inside.  I don’t know if it was intended to be presented to the guests frozen….maybe it helped to hold it together.  It was still fun to eat (even though it was frozen).  This was ordered under the regular menu item, but I would recommend this to share with everyone at the table.  I think it can be overwhelming just for one person.

I thought the rainbow roll was a little bit on the small side.  I don’t think they gave as much of a variety of fish as other sushi places.  It was fresh and well made though, perfect as a side dish or appetizer.

The seafood stir fry was an assortment of seafood and nicely chopped vegetables.

The waitress was really nice.  She was regularly checking on us to make sure we had tea and that everything was fine.

I can’t remember what the total price we paid (maybe $50 with tip).  It was quite reasonable for the quality and service.

Address:  Sushi Tei – 4040 Creditview Road, Mississauga, ON


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