Falafel Royal

I went to a tiny, mom and pop, Lebanese place yesterday called Falafel Royal.  Its located on Lake Shore Blvd., W near Third St. in Etobicoke.  Inside looks like a rundown little shack –  almost like someone’s private kitchen.   I am assuming the owners are husband and wife and they look like they are hard working.  I am pretty sure Falafel Royal has been around for a while.

The prices are SO CHEAP.  I don’t know how they stay in business.  I think because there are high schools and Humber College around, they cater to that demographic, so can’t price themselves too high.  There are a lot of good eateries around there and they need to compete.

When I walked in, they had on the stove, a big panful of falafel balls, and the lady was frying up a big pan of onions.  Wow, she used a lot of oil to fry the onions.  I mentioned earlier the place reminded me of someone’s private kitchen.

I ordered two chicken shawarma wraps and one falafel wrap.  The shawarma was only about $3 – $4 and the falafel was only $2!  The total bill for three was just over $11.00.  Mind you, they weren’t really big.  You can always order two for that price and then you will be okay.  But its perfect for the school kids who don’t have the money to spend on lunch every day.

For the chicken shawarma, they cut the meat off the spit and placed it on the grill to heat up.  It had a nice toasty, grilled texture.  They didn’t give a lot of meat either – just enough for the small pita.  They garnished the shawarma wrap with tabouli and I guess its parsley?  They also added tomatoes.  It tasted really good and homemade.  My daughter gobbled it up (and shes never one to ever finish her food).

I bought the falafel wrap to give to my sister.  They had a whole frying panful of falafel balls just waiting to be served.  They garnished it with the same trimmings as the shawarma, but they added hot sauce (I requested it).  I can’t tell you how it tasted because I gave it to my sister.  It sure looked good though.

I just can’t believe the prices they charge for these wraps.  The cheapest I have paid for a wrap elsewhere is $5.00.

Next time you happen to be in this area and need a quick, cheap fix, give Falafel Royal a try.

Address:  Falafel Royal – 2836 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Etobicoke, ON


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