Spoon and Fork – Queensway

I’ve heard so many good things about Spoon and Fork but have never visited it. I hear about the one in Oakville all the time, and there are a number of other Spoon and Fork restaurants across the west end. Each one is a different concept. For example,, the one in Oakville is Japanese/Thai all-you-can-eat, then theres another location that may be Thai/Vietnamese, etc.

Spoon and Fork on Queensway near Kipling recently opened up. Its in the plaza beside the Mandarin Restaurant. So, Thursday evening, my daughter and I decided to try it out. We were going in blind not knowing the cost or what its all about.

When we walked in we were immediately impressed with the stylish, upscale decor. It reminded me of the B Hotel in Barcelona, Spain!. The ambience was dark, simple, clean lines and high-end looking.

LOL, we sat down and opened the menu. There were no prices so I was a bit confused. Then it clicked that this place was an all-you-can-eat concept. (I was disoriented because my sister has taken out from here a number of times and she never realized it was an all-you-can-eat.)

I pulled out my pen and a piece of paper from my handbag, writing down everything what I wanted to order. The waitress must’ve saw what I was doing and immediately came over. LOL! This was not a typical AYCE (where you can order a number of appetizer sized dishes to try). The dishes are actually large portions, enough to cover one person’s meal. I was all set to order alot of different appetizers, salads, stir fries, noodles, etc.! Wow, am I glad the waitress stopped me because there is a stipulation on the menu that what we cannot finish we would be billed full price.

So, this is what I ordered – smoked duck salad (was really good, but did they forget the salad dressing?), miso soup, five pieces of sashimi and ginger beef stir fry with steamed rice.
My daughter ordered – wakame salad (seaweed), miso soup, tempura appetizer (it was good, but not the best that I have tasted) some edamame, and a rainbow roll.
Everything was very, very good, nicely presented and high quality.

So basically, because we came to this restaurant kind of green (or wet behind the ears), we didn’t order smartly or get the full value of what we paid for. This place is not cheap. The price per person is $25 and that does not include drinks. My green tea was $3.25 and my daughters iced tea was about $3.00. Dessert wasn’t included either. Dessert was on average about $8.00, so we decided to skip that. As you can see what we ordered above didn’t really equal to $25 per person. Our total bill came to about $70.

Next time, we’re going to plan our visit to get the most of what we paid, or we’re going to go with a larger group so we can try more dishes.

If you’re willing to pay a little extra than average for dinner, I highly recommend Spoon and Fork for a unique and tasty dining experience!

Address:  Spoon and Fork – 1233 The Queensway, Toronto, ON


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