Pita & Grill

Theres this small pita shop in a plaza at the corner of Dundas and Confederation Pkwy. Its pretty close to me and I pass it every single day. I’ve always noticed Pita & Grill, but I’ve never brought myself to try it simply because the plaza is so dingy looking…

This whole month I have been craving shawarma… I’ve read reviews of some good places to try in Mississauga and every time I made an attempt to try one of these places, it was never a success either because I couldn’t find the place or the place is closed on Sundays.

So today my craving was unbearable. I finally caved in and dragged my daughter with me to give Pita & Grill a try despite the fact that it was in a rough looking area…. I’ll never be a snob again! LOL. Isn’t that disgusting? For weeks I have been craving shawarma and Pita & Grill was right under my nose!

We walked into the shop – it was practical looking and pretty clean and orderly. We went to the counter and placed our orders. I ordered the chicken shawarma plate at about $10 each (I can’t remember exactly, but that price sounds pretty close). In fact, I ordered two of these (one for myself and one for Jazzy). We took a seat and someone would bring the food to our table. As we were waiting, I noticed the place had regular traffic coming through the door.

We didn’t have to wait long for our food. If I had known how large the meals were going to be, I would’ve just ordered one. Our plates were piled high with chicken, salad and rice. And pita and hummus came on the side. I really love the hummus, it was nice and garlicky, and we spread it on our chicken and pita bread. The chicken was a huge serving and it was very flavourful. The salad was like a Greek salad (except without all the onions). It was fresh, the lettuce didn’t have any rust spots and nothing was wilted. The tomatoes were nice and red.

Of course, we couldn’t finish our meal! I had to ask for a take-out container to pack the rest of our food.

I guess this will become a regular spot for us now!

Address:  Pita & Grill – 2592 Confederation Pkwy, Mississauga, ON


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