Authentic French Pastries

I wanted to pick up some pastries for our company’s Valentine’s Day Breakfast back in February.  My colleague had told me about a delicious little French bakery near his home called Authentic French Pastries.  So, I placed an order for six dozen or so of their mini pastries and would pick up early the next morning.  The owner was flexible enough to accommodate my order for pickup before their regular hours.

Authentic French Pastries is a tiny, quaint bakery hidden in a plaza on the corner of Bloor Street West and Mill Road.  I am not normally in that area so I had to look for the bakery.  Once inside, the place is charming and simple.  The smell of fresh baking fills up the little bakery.

The mini pastries I ordered were assorted fruit danishes and chocolate croissants.  They are made on the premises, but are special orders only.  They are very delicious – soft and chewy and how fresh pastires should be.  Everyone in the office including my boss are in love with these pastries as he asked me to pick up some more for his meeting the following week. The owner is very talented but not very nice – she bit my head off because I arrived a few minutes early to pick up my order.  It really ruined my day….I was hesitant to place an order the second time…

I recommend this bakery because the pastries are delicious.  The only thing that needs some tweaking is the friendliness factor.  Once they fix that part of the service I will not hesitate in visiting this bakery more often.

Address:  Authentic French Pastries – 4335 Bloor Street West, Etobicoke, ON


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