Sushi! Two of My Favourite Sushi Restaurants in Mississauga

Update May 19th, 2013
Kanda Sushi isn’t my favourite AYCE anymore. They have gone downhill since they opened. Their food seems kind of junky… and expensive for what they give out. Seems like new owners as well? I prefer to go to Dai Ichi Sushi (not an AYCE, but great quality food which I am more than happy to spend my money on, and which I will eat).

In my humble, honest opinion, Mississauga really isn’t the mecca for good sushi.  Yes, the city does have a number of decent Japanese places…but thats about it – they are only decent.  In all my 11 years in this neck of the woods, I’ve managed to only find a very small handful of good sushi places.  Here are my two choices for sushi in Mississauga.   One place is a legit sushi restaurant, the second is an AYCE, meaning I don’t expect top quality sushi, but I love AYCE especially ones that are decent and offer variety.

Hinote Sushi
Hinote Sushi is located in the plaza on Mavis and Bristol. Its a tiny restaurant that starts filling up at dinner time. We haven’t had a need to make reservations since we usually get there before 5:30 pm. Inside is very nicely decorated. Its subtly lit with dark furniture. The atmosphere is very nice – I like the size of the place and that its not so large and commercial feeling.

This place is a little pricier than other sushi places in Mississauga. However, the quality of the sushi is definitely worth it! The sushi just melts in your mouth! I think their specialty is probably the salmon because the portions are so generous. Just thinking about their salmon sushi is making my mouth water! They also have a very good udon noodle soup. The three times I’ve been there, I’ve only ordered their sushi because it tastes sooo good. Next time I will select something else from the menu.

The waitresses are efficient and polite. They aren’t very warm in a friendly way, but they aren’t rude either.

To be honest, Hinote has been in Mississauga for years but I only started going there just a few months ago….I don’t know why I never tried Hinote Sushi until now, even after reading good reviews about this place.

Address:  Hinote Sushi – 720 Bristol Road West Mississauga, ON


Kanda Sushi
I first tried Kanda Sushi basically right after they opened sometime late last year. They are located at the corner of Queensway and Hurontario. I think they took over where a Thai restaurant used to be.  Kanda Sushi is an All-You-Can-Eat Japanese place, supposedly modelling after 168 Sushi. I tried 168 Sushi to make a comparison and personally, I prefer Kanda Sushi better.

For All-You-Can-Eat, the quality is not bad.  Their rolls are a decent size. I love their Spider Handroll with the crunchy softshell crab. They have a number of specialty rolls – I think I’ve tried the Arctic Roll (consisting of spicy salmon and tempura flakes wrapped in a cold thai spring roll type wrap). Other favourite items from the menu include – crab salad (YUM!), miso soup, tempura chicken with the mustardy sauce, grilled mackerel, they make a really good tempura shrimp (the batter is nice and light and flaky. Not all places make it properly and Kanda does an excellent job at it.), chicken wings, short ribs, ice cream, deep fried banana…. They also have free pop and tea.  The price on weeknights is about $19.95.

One fault I notice is sometimes they have dishes prepared ahead of time and if you go at the wrong time, the food may not be very crispy or is a little bit flat.

Address:  Kanda Sushi – 2325 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON


2 Comments Add yours

  1. linh lu says:

    It seems very nice place to go,

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Andrew says:

    Kanda Sushi is a very nice place to go. I’ve tried it multiple times, and always was happy to be there. Price is fair and reasonable, however it can be a problem sometimes to clean your table off the dirty plates. Service is fine and i would call Kanda sushi the best AYCE sushi place in mississauga. Only in Mississauga.

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