Why McDonalds is Superior to Tim Hortons

I was a loyal Tim Hortons follower up until a year ago…  What made me switch sides was a combination of elements that finally pushed me over the edge and made me say – “Enough is Enough!”

It must be almost two years ago that I started noticing something was kind of different with the size of servings from Tim Hortons.   First I would order the 6 chocolate chip cookies for $1.99.  When the Tim Horton’s server announced the price (close to $6.00!), I was – “what the heck??”  So I had to limit my order to only one chocolate chip cookie.  Then the next day, I would order my usual butter croissant.  Normally it would be nice and warm, fresh from the oven… You know – just the regular size of a regular croissant.  It was one of my favourite items from the menu.  But this time I received a croissant that was half its normal size.  It didn’t even look like a croissant…  And it was cold and stale…. :S  Then next, I would order my usual medium coffee.  I received my cup of coffee and I thought I was being delusional – did the cup seem even smaller (I’m positive they’ve shrunk the cup down more than once)?  Or am I being greedy.  Then they changed the buns that came with the chili (not to mention, the chili portions have also shrunk).  The buns are now these weird rectangular shaped things.  The donuts are smaller.  Even the timbits (how can timbits possibly get any smaller, they are already bitty things as it is).

What finally was the last straw was that I noticed an awful tasting change to the coffee.  I was absolutely positive it wasn’t my tastebuds.  The coffee was tasting bitter.  I had to readjust the amount of sugar and cream to order with my coffee.  No matter how much cream and sugar adjustment I made to my coffee, the flavour was just completely off.

I needed to change my coffee source and decided to try Country Style Donuts (at Dundas and Hurontario) a few times.  The coffee was decent but it was a no go – the girls at the drive thru were slow and unfriendly.  There was no price/size difference between Country Style and Tim Hortons.

Finally, after hearing good reviews about McDonalds coffee, I decided to give them a try…. Their coffee is fantastic – fresh, hot, nice flavour.  In fact, it has such a nice flavour I have cut down on the amount of cream and sugar I normally have with coffee!  I am now a dedicated McDonalds coffee fan.  So, going forward, here are the reasons to rave about McDonalds.

  • McD’s small coffee is the same size as Tim’s medium coffee, but at a lower price.  Not only that, McDonalds recently just lowered the price of their coffee even more.  (Previously a small was $1.30.  Now a small is down to $1.25).  The McD’s medium is equivalent to Tim’s Large.
  • For 15 cents more, you can add a tasty muffin to go with your coffee.  I love their Cranberry and Orange Muffin.  (Tim Hortons would never dare think of offering their customers a munchie for 15 cents.  And oh yeah, Tims muffins are miniscule sized now).
  • McDonalds constantly has free coffee week.  And they don’t even pressure you to buy anything else to go with the free coffee.  (Tim’s never gives out freebies just for the heck of it.  The only time you are rewarded with a freebie is by winning a Roll Up The Rim)
  • McDonalds always has promotional coupons out.  (Tims never has promotional coupons)
  • McDonalds drive thru line ups are not outrageous like Tims.  (Sometimes I am waiting in a Tims drive thru for over 10 minutes and then I am late for work.)
  • The two girls at the McDonalds I go to every morning are always there, are friendly and knowledgeable.

Lastly, to prove McDonalds is superior to Tim Hortons – Tim Hortons is switching their coffee lids to model after McDonalds coffee lids (see the image above).  The kind of lid thats raised from the cup and has a flip spout.  (yes, I did rant about McD’s leaky cups… :oP).  YEAH!  Tim Horton’s you better watch your back.  McDonalds is fast on your tail that you even have to adopt their coffee lid style!

Those are my reasons why McDonalds is Superior to Tim Hortons. I’m sure I have other reasons but I can’t think of them right now.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian says:

    I am with you 100%

    Down with the Tim Hortons!

    At least the employees at McDonalds are nice to people and dont have their hand out for tips.

  2. Reggie says:

    No way! I can’t believe Tim Hortons expect tips! Another reason to add Tims to the inferior list.

  3. Anonymous says:

    at both tim’s and mcd they’re not ALLOWED to take tips. Which is part of the reason that they usually have those charity donation boxes there.

    Try a McD coffee at around 10pm at night and see what it tastes like. While it may depend on location – at night the coffee is often sitting around fro a while – at tim’s it doesn’t. But I agree that in the mornings – McD>Tim

  4. Reggie says:

    So are you saying that those charity donation boxes aren’t actually for a legitimate charity, but instead goes into the pockets of Tim Horton’s staff and its a sneaky way of accepting tips?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually those donation boxes are for Kid’s camp. Usually tips are given to counter sales rep not out of their asking but us wanting to willingly. As for them asking for it, prolly just a very lax manager not paying attention or has his hand in a shared pot of the other employees. Cost wise yes I agree Timmys has gone up due to increasing staple good prices. MD uses substitutes for products to keep prices down. Timmies uses natural goods where possible and are baked fresh every morning (I know, I used to work night shifts at timmies). As for MD they nuke frozen pre cooked goods.

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