Celebrating St. Patty’s Day With Timothy’s Pub Fare.

My sister and her hubby wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a truly Irish meal. We were eyeing take out Irish Stew and Shepherds Pie from Fogarty’s on Lakeshore in Etobicoke. Since March 17th is such a busy day for Irish pubs, we discovered they don’t allow take out on that day.

Luckily, my brother-in-law (I will call him V) is a regular at Timothy’s Pub (on Brownsline). All he had to do was make a quick phone call, then he was on his way to pick up our meals.

I’ve never been to Timothy’s but its a regular pub where alot of the regulars hang out. I heard its pretty good and they have wing nights. I definitely plan to try this place one day.

So V came back with his arms full of food – Irish Stew and Fish and Chips.

They were both delicious. Guiness was cooked in with the Irish Stew. The lamb had a nice flavour and was really tender. It didn’t have that strong lamb taste. It was loaded with potatoes and carrots. And sour dough bread was included to eat with the meal.

I had the Fish and Chips. I know it sounds boring because it is a regular, unexciting dish. But I have to say it was probably one of the best fish and chips I’ve tasted in a long time. The fish was nice and meaty with a golden crunchy batter. I’m not sure if the tartar sauce was home made, but it sure tasted good when I dipped my fish into it. The fries were home made and nicely cut into a nice thickness. The coleslaw was a nice side to include with the meal.

The Irish Stew isn’t a regular item on the menu, but it is an occasional daily special. I will have to keep my eye open when it appears on the board again.

Address: Timothy’s Pub – 344 Brown’s Line – Etobicoke, Ontario
Website: www.timothyspub.ca


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