My Dining Expedition Yesterday – Pho Mi 99 and Bubble Republic Tea House

Jumbo Shrimp and Rice and Mango Milkshake (100% fresh mango) and Coconut Milkshake from Pho Mi 99

Yesterday I had every intention of going to the grocery store and picking up items to bring home and cook. But by the time I got home, due to the crummy, wet weather and the fact that I didn’t have any lunch, I was starving and couldn’t think straight. My hunger was more overpowering than logic in cooking dinner. My daughter was also waiting for me wanting to go to the bookstore, adding another reason for no time to cook.  So, we headed off to the plaza at Hurontario and Eglinton for dinner.

Traffic was so slow. Our first stop was picking up bubble teas at Bubble Republic Tea House. Bubble Republic is a bubble tea shop where you can sit in and order bubble tea or quick hot food. They also have a location at Creditview and Burnhamthorpe. Both locations are great. I purchased a hot honey milk bubble tea with small tapioca, and my daughter ordered a coconut chiller with assorted sized bubbles. I love this place and their drinks are always so tasty and addictive. They also have a points card where after so many points, you are rewarded with a free drink.

With our bubble teas in hand, we headed over to Pho Mi 99 in the same plaza. I wrote a small review about this place just a few blogs down. This is one of our favourite places. This time we ordered the beef rice noodles with vegetables that I’ve ordered before (YUM!) and stir-fried salty shrimp (I think thats what its called). The shrimp are stir-fried with the shell on til they are crispy and crunchy and mostly edible. They are seasoned with just the right amount of saltiness. MMMM…. we love it. We ate everythng on our plates! The bill for these two items and tip was just $24! What a delicious bargain.

We were completely satisfied when we left out the door.

(PS.  For whoever asked what are those bubbles in bubble tea, they are tapioca balls.  You can buy them at any Chinese grocery store.  You can boil it in a pot of water and some hunks of sugar – I think rock or yellow sugar).

Bubble Republic Tea House – 4555 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON
Pho Mi 99 – 4557 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Foodie in Mississauga says:

    Thanks for this blog. Love it that I know all of the places…and they are all in Mississauga. Hope you keep it up and discover some hidden gems for the rest of us suburbanites.

    1. Reggie says:

      Thanks for the comments! Theres so many places in Mississauga to post about! :o)

  2. doesitblog says:

    I find that this Pho Mi location is better than the one one Confederation Parkway. The sauces are stronger and a little less watery. But I still find the best Pho Mi in the area is the one at 3100 Dixie Road. The selection seems to better and most soups seem to have a better taste.

  3. Reggie says:

    I’ll have to try that one out. The Pho Mi at Heartland isn’t very good either. I remember ordering a stir fry dish – it looked nice but there was no flavour. I would rank that one last of the Pho Mi 99 chain.

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