Wacky Wings – Mississauga

Wacky Wings opened up just last month in Mississauga. It took over what used to be Woody Woodchuck’s. I drive by there every morning and never realized there was a new restaurant under construction.

Anyway, I went shortly after the grand opening. Wow, I was totally impressed! The place is set up like an upscale log cabin – lots of custom designed wood furniture which you can tell had alot of money and thought put into it. It reminded me of the Flintstones! LOL.  Large screen tvs were everywhere, and each individual booth had a smaller flat screen tv.   As soon as you walk in and look to the right, that area is reserved for a slew of pool tables and interactive games.  This place is backed by Playdium, hence the interactive experience.

Wacky Wings of course is a wing place serving 100 wings, but of course their menu included other foods to eat. We ordered the Carribean Jerk style wings and the New Orleans style. The wings came out hot, non-greasy, and nice, plump sizes.  The Carribean Jerk had a subtle spiciness to it. It also had a sweet or sugary taste. I wasn’t crazy about the New Orleans style – it had some sort’ve spice that I didn’t particularly like.

Our first time there, I was completely won over with the service and the food.

Now my second experience there really made me think twice in going back – what a shame! We decided to give this place a shot for lunch on Family Day. It was a HUGE disappointment!

The place was empty. We thought it was closed!  We waited at the front for over 5 minutes before somebody appeared and showed us to a table. We ordered only a poutine and a turkey wrap with salad. The poutine was too salty – I only managed to eat a few bites before wasting the rest. My daughter’s turkey wrap was nothing but lettuce and a couple of pieces of lunch meat.

The bill including tip came to $27! Overpriced considering what we got we could’ve made at home or went to a fast food place for the same quality of food.

What a huge, huge disappointment. After the first good impression, the second was a disaster. Wacky Wings better step up their game if they want to compete with other restaurants around. 

Address: Wacky Wings – 1248 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON
Website: www.wackywings.ca


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  1. Allison says:

    Ewww!!! 😮

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