FreshCo Is A Really Good Grocery Store

I’d like to thank my sister for recommending FreshCo to me about a month ago. Even though this grocery store is around the corner from me and has been there for a little while, I never ventured to buy anything from there. I always went to RCSS.

Well, one weekend I was commenting to my sister that I had to pick up a fruit tray for work the next day, she suggested I give FreshCo a try…. So I dropped by later that afternoon as I was heading home.

I have to say I have been converted into a FreshCo customer. Even though this location near me is fairly small, they have a great selection of items…. A much wider selection of choices than RCSS ever had. They carried food items that I’ve never seen before (for example, prepared garlic bread that comes as a loaf of bread). Even though FreshCo is always busy (its location is in a high volume area), their shelves are always stocked, as compared to RCSS whos shelves are always empty, especially with items that are on sale! Plus FreshCo’s weekly sales are pretty good. Just the other day, people were really stocking up on bottled water that was on sale…the sale must’ve been really good.  I’d also like to mention that their fruit trays look much more eye pleasing and palatable than RCSS’s.

I would say FreshCo is on par with some No Frills locations (not all No Frills are equal). And since there isn’t a No Frills close by to me, I will be frequenting FreshCo regularly for my grocery items from now on.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Which one do you go to?

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