Why Is Dim Sum So Much More Expensive In Mississauga?

I realize we have a lower Chinese population in Mississauga. However, the dim sum prices are outrageous.

I used to have dim sum every week when visiting my parents in Scarborough. For approximately $50 we would have more than a table full of dim sum items. The quantity of food was amazing where we would take the balance as take out for home. I am talking about 4 mouths consuming $50 of dim sum.

Now compare to Mississauga dim sum – $50  $75 barely feeds two mouths. I remember on occasion a few of my colleagues and I would head out for dim sum on our lunch break. Our average cost was $25 per person with no leftovers to bring back with us.

Not only that, the choice of menu items is so limited in Mississauga… :S.
Why is this so unbalanced? Is it because there is a bigger demand and more competition for Chinese restaurants in Markham and Scarborough?

My advice – if you live in Mississauga and really want dim sum… drive the extra distance and go to Scarborough/Markham.  The little gas you spend to drive out that way will still be more economical than what you spend eating dim sum in Mississauga.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    you can get cheap dim sum at Tremendous 3550 Wolfedale Road
    Not comparable to Scarborough but you get alot for cheap

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