Naders Middle Eastern Grill and Bakery

I went to a new restaurant today called Naders Middle Eastern Grill and Bakery on Central Parkway in the plaza beside T and T. I guess it opened up not too long ago.

Very nice and spacious inside and customers coming in and out. Its the type where you order at the counter and they bring your food to you. They serve kebab, lamb chops, burgers, stews, etc. The bakery was at the side inside the restaurant.

I guess because they are new, they were slow and disorganized. The cashier was not too familiar with the menu items because she wasn’t familiar with what I ordered. I ordered chicken kebab and lamb chops. They both come with 2 sides of your choice. Came to about $36.00. They gave me one of those grocery tote bags to carry out my food. I guess it was the manager who agreed with me that service is really slow and apologized as well.

I ordered for take out so I had to wait a loooong time. LOL. When they were finally preparing my food, they gave me the wrong side dish. So they gave me an extra side at no charge. The lambchop wasn’t that good, kind of fatty. The mash potatoes were the powdered kind. There was a hair in the green beans!

I also ordered some pastries – slow at that counter as well. It was expensive. I ordered a rice pudding, and four pieces of baklava. It came to $11.00! They were really small.

I think this place has alot of potential – its modern looking, casual and a place to eat a meal or just coffee and a pastry. And its nice to have this restaurant in the area. They just need to improve the speed of the service and practice a bit better hygiene.

Address:  Naders Middle Eastern Grill and Bakery – 3900 Grand Park Drive, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Megha says:

    Monday night i went to this new restaurant opened besides winners on grand park drive Naders middle eastern grill & bakery. I would like to tell i had great experince overall.

    Restaurant interior is very classy and elegant. No middle eastern restaurant in Mississauga has such a good ambience. It gave me a impression owner has put lots of thoughts and money in making this restaurant.

    I often goes to Paramount with my family.But its not spacious. Nader’s Grill & Bakery has been made in such a way that it has lots of space and very clean .Although its a new restaurant still the service is really good.You will find the staff alwayz cheerful which leaves a welcoming effect on the people who come in.

    There kabab portion is quite large as well as delicious and they have fresh burgers availabale at quite reasonable price .I will recommend this restauarant to everyone.

  2. Marten says:

    Best baklava at all

  3. Reggie says:

    An update – I went back the day before the Granding Opening to pick up some baklava. It was smokey inside.

    The shelves were a bit bare. They had a spot reserved for home made gelato. The girl said the ice cream guy would be in for the grand opening. I guess I will have to drop in another day to try the gelato.

    The pastries are still expensive. I ordered 6 pieces that came to about $20 with tax. I wanted the baklava with the white cream filling inside. I guess I didn’t describe it properly because when I got home, the baklava had this yellow heavy filling inside. It tasted okay… I also ordered some walnut tarts and two pieces of cake (mango and strawberry). I didn’t like the tarts too much. The cake was okay – nice and light.

  4. Jane says:

    I discovered this place while visiting winners. Loved most of the desserts, but I have never stayed to eat because I am not a fun of smoked filled restaurants. My fifth visit there I was buying some desserts again and as I am asking the lady about some of my selections a couple walks in and I even allowed them to make there order since I was still making my selection and out of nowhere, one of the managers or I assumed owners approached the girl behind the counter and advised her not to spend too much time talking to the customers and I was so disgusted by his comments to the poor girl who was just doing some marketing for this jerk… Anyways, I work too hard for my money to support such rude and arrogant business owners. And to think I was going to recommend this place to my company, I trashed all the fliers I posted on my office notice board.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This restaurant is a joke for middle eastern cusine

  6. Anonymous says:

    The service sucks here. Quality of food is disgusting and below standards. I have been to this place few times, feels like there is no passion for cooking in kitchen. Food is never consistent in quality, plates & food always look different. in short wastage of your hard earned money. Go somewhere else like bamiyan kabab or paramount. Since these are better established restaurants.

    Food in bamiyan is better quality. Or paramount, where the food is cheap and quality is way better than naders.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nader’s Restaurant is very expensive. it doesn’t offer what they charge and what they give. The quality of food is below average. The sweets section is over expensive for the qulaity they offer.

    I have been to Nader’s quite a few times. The atmosphere is missing big time.

  8. Reggie says:

    I’ve only been there twice and do not want to go there again. Their desserts are really expensive.

    1. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    You must be loyal or worker of nader’s mustafa. How much money they paid you to write. No body tells their customers to go to taco bell. Restaurant business is hospitality which in case of naders is thousand miles away.

    Staff at naders is very rude, service sucks, kitchen people always look confused. no management direction. I must say when ever i go there lack of direction from management always lacks at naders.

    People dont waste money here.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Naders restaurant is a mockery of middle eastern food completely. Customers get always delayed orders in busy times. There are many people in my office who went there for lunch, all recommended me not to go there.

      Naders is complete and total waste of money. Try Bamiyan, its much busy place and your food always get delivered on time no matter how busy they are. Thats called great management. Their team knows how to work in busy times.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Middle Eastern, HAAAA…. Middle Eastern, they should keep it at that and no other race!

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